Monday, May 12, 2008

Welcome to the world of Tasty Games

This is Tasty Games, the place where I (Marko Djordjevic) will discuss all things games. While I have in the past and present written on other game-sites (IGN and Gamespot), I felt like creating a single blog page where I can write things a bit off-the-cuff. I still have every intention on writing posts on those sites, I will use this blog to focus on my game reviews and developing my writing skills.

For my game reviews, I am going to use a different rating score than most sites. For the most part, gamers have become accustomed to reviews getting either a number or letter score. I feel that a number doesn't properly reflect a game's rating. Anyone can write a number, 18, but what does that actually mean? In schooling, a number is fine since you have an exactly marking table that works. If you're correct, you get 1, if you're wrong you get 0. Add that up and you get a fair score. Since games aren't that black and white (right or wrong), I wanted to be descriptive in order to give others a better understanding of how I feel about a particular game.

My review 'score' will not use a number or a letter grade but rather a word (or words) to describe what I think. Here are a few examples of the types of words that will conclude my reviews.

Perfection - This is a game that is perfect in every sense of the word. It does not necessarily mean that the game has no flaw, but as a gamer, from start to finish you will enjoy every aspect the game has to offer.

Great - Games that are great are those that you also enjoy from start to finish but you really wished that there was something more to the game to make it perfect. Most games are great, but we all know that there is an aspect within the game that either could have been more fleshed out or removed. If a game is great, you know you're getting your dollars worth.

Good - A good game is one that you enjoy but is frustrating at times. It's not a gem that you will talk to your friends about, but it's one that you will probably return to after completing it the first time. Sports titles are usually good games, and fit into this category.

Decent - There are games that are sometimes stuck in the middle. They are not exactly a bad game, but there are enough problems, that you may not actually want to finish it once you've started. We've all played games like this. It has promise, but the moment we've started playing, we realize the mistakes of the game are clearly visible and ruining your gaming experience. Decent games are playable, but should be played with a cautious view.

Bad/Awful- If a game is bad, you know it from the start. It might be playable, but it's not enjoyable. An awful game is one that the moment you start, you feel your stomach turn inside. You can put your finger on exactly what is wrong and you wish it would stop. An awful game is one that you will not be playing much longer after you start. Bad you might play to completion only because you want to see more of the damage, but you know that every minute you spend with the game, you could have spent it doing something so much more productive.

While these are some of the words that will describe my feeling on a game, the list is not exclusive. Thankfully we have a large vocabulary at our disposal and are much more helpful at understanding how a person feels about a game. When a friend asks you what you think of a game you're playing, you never answer 'It's an 8 out of 10', but 'It's a really fun game that has so many options and the graphics are incredible'. I want my reviews to follow the latter. I want to be your friend and tell you exactly how I thought of a particular game. 'This is a good game that is a bit repetitive but at only 20 dollars you're still getting your money's worth.'

My reviews will not be exclusive to one particular console. I own all three major consoles and both portable systems, so I will try my best to mix up the reviews and write about all the units. I hope to have my first review up on the site in the next couple of days. At this moment, there are quite a few games I am playing, but it seems that CrossworDS will be my first review considering I have been playing it the most over the past few days. I already have in general a good feel for the game and I think just a bit more playing will allow me to write a fair review to the game.

That is all...for now.

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